Wednesday, December 8, 2010

tied for first

I have been browsing google image pictures of foxes for over an hour. I know that I should be doing other things but I really don't want to. This seems like the most important thing right now. The only problem is that about 75% of the pictures on google image searches for "fox" are gross pictures of gross Megan Fox. It helps to type 'fox animal'.

I really love foxes. If I were an animal I would be a fox. They have the perfect balance of soft beauty and toughness. Their spirit shines. They adapt to the seasons, changing their coats with the ease of my changing a shirt. They have grace and they fill me with wonder.

Foxes and giraffes are tied for first as my favorite animal.

oh, yeah, and Fantastic Mr. Fox is my favorite movie of all time.


  1. you have to know how much i love that you spent the better part of an hour googling images of foxes.
    i don't mean to take away from your post that i love, but my english teacher showed us these pictures and i thought they were funny, even though they probably aren't. it's george bush and tony blair haha.

  2. remember when we were so late to pick you up for the St. George trip, and it was because we were looking up pictures of puppies? hah.