Monday, March 21, 2011

Feeling Memory

Today I finally removed my winter snowflakes from my windows. It was a bittersweet moment for me. The removal of winter decorations frees up my large windows for their true destinies; letting vast quantities of light into my life, displaying the springtime explosion of white and pink beauty that is my crab apple tree, allowing the sounds of the outdoor world into my indoor life; birds, bugs, people walking by, the occasional car, lawnmowers, etc. I love these things so much, and yet... I felt slightly sad as I took down my snowflakes and crumpled them into twisting and crisscrossing balls of paper mess. Some of their accidental patterns would not and could not ever be recreated.

Next year will mark the birth of new snowflake decorations. They will be just as magnificent as the dead generation, full of happy accidents and wonderful flukes. I just felt like I should take some time to say farewell to all the paper snowflakes in the world that have died as spring puts its foot in the door. I have already all but forgotten the complexities of your designs but the seasonal magic that you have planted in my heart has become part of a treasured and permanent feeling memory.

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  1. This feels surprisingly nostalgic for winter, coming from you. I hope part of it was because of your company and the good time you had when you made the snowflakes. :) I took down most of my snowflakes too, but there are still a few there. It snowed last night, and there was a half a foot of snow on the ground this morning, so I feel alright about leaving them on there for a little while longer.
    I like your writings.