Friday, November 12, 2010

Be Not Ashamed

Today has been a beautiful day. I woke up, did yoga, sang/danced to Jonsi and I was late for my bus.

At first I was annoyed about missing my bus and worried about being late for class but as I transferred onto my second bus my bad attitude was quickly forgotten. There was a man on the bus who was talking to everyone. I wanted to read my book so I found my way to the back of the bus to avoid being distracted by his conversation. I tried to read but I found what the man
was saying to be of infinitely more worth than what I was reading.

He was speaking about Jesus Christ. What he was saying was disorganized and even slightly inaccurate but his words were laden with true power. He was preaching the love of Jesus Christ for all mankind and the power that God's Word has to improve our lives.

I found myself taking notes. Here are a couple things I wrote down:
"We need to stand up for the Lord and be not ashamed of him. Talk about him. Talk about him to everyone you see. Much of the goodness in the world has left because people aren't talking about Jesus. People aren't talking about Jesus enough. Tell people what he has done in your life. I might never see you again but we now share a bond in the Lord. It don't cost anything to talk about him."

"People might believe that you are crazy or insane but that don't carry no weight. If you show people what you really feel in your heart then you have nothing to be ashamed of. Those people who don't think you are crazy might take something from what you say and in either case the Lord will smile on your efforts and bless you for them".

I felt true belief coming out of this man. I felt his passion and I was deeply impressed by his lack of fear or embarrassment. I found myself getting off the bus with a burning heart and tears in my eyes. I took a moment to look at the faces of the people around him. We were all strangers yet we were all united through our smiles and wonder for this beautiful and slightly eccentric man.

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