Saturday, November 13, 2010


In the book Xenocide, Ender Wiggin was able to create physical manifestations of the memories of his brother and sister with his mind. He carried such a strong image of these people with him that he was able to project these images and share his own life-force with them.

I have been thinking about this idea and at first it seemed very ridiculous to me. As I continued to consider it my way of thinking changed. I realized that, in a less impressive (yet more meaningful) way, we are able to give life to the memories of the people who have deeply affected us. We can give life and honor to the memories we hold inside us but we need to find an outlet or method of expression to do it.

When we allow our memories influence our actions or comportment we are effectively giving them form and life.

We are creators. He who created us also endowed us with the potential to create. There are many ways to create; music, art, writing, raising a child, etc. We can take a small part of our feelings and memories for the people we have known and put them into (or share them with - in the case of a child) our creations.

I think that this serves as a good example of what I am trying to say:
This song/video was a gift that this young man (POGO) gave to his mother on Mother's Day. He took sounds from her garden and harmonic syllables of her voice and combined them to form an image of her. After watching this I felt as if I partially understood his love for her and the portion of her soul that his art reveals to me.

If you like this the song it is a free download here.


  1. I have been getting into Pogo for a couple days now. This guy is AWESOME
    Wishery is by far my favorite!
    Thanks for the link for the free download. I free downloaded it.
    Did you get the free download for the new Girl Talk album?
    Keep up the great bloggin'.

  2. this was completely amazing. thanks for making me aware of it.

  3. I think this song could easily form the basis for a most excellent dance. The video is one of those things I can imagine myself hugging, in a kind of abstract way. Mi piace.