Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Citrus Mishap

Today I took an orange to school. It was a night class and the orange was meant to carry me over until dinner. I found myself hungry more quickly than I had expected and I attempted to peel the orange at all of my various bus stops. Unfortunately my hands were too cold to manage it. I thought about eating it on the bus. Eating on mass transit is forbidden but I can usually eat tidily with good conscience. An orange just seemed like an infraction too blatant and messy for me to stomach. So my stomach remained fussy until I got to class. Once in class I started to peel it. My hands were warm and my stomach ready. My enthusiasm blinded my eyes of everything other than the orange. Once the peeling was complete I took a moment to count how many people were jealous of my treat. There was only one person looking at me; the girl sitting next to me. She had a look of frustration and anger on her face. I looked at her notebook and realized that I had soaked it with orange peel mist and stained it in a fragrant and colorful way. It looked really cool to me but obviously she didn't agree. She did not accept or even acknowledge my million apologies. I even offered her a section of my orange (reluctantly). She made a snooty sound and looked away.

I make so many friends at school.

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  1. I find this to be ridiculously humorous in a way that is so classic! This would be a good addition to a story of some sort.
    I'm still laughing.