Sunday, January 2, 2011

Deep Water

Attention is a precious commodity. You only have so much to give.

Some things, rare and difficult to locate, are extremely worth our attention. All of it.
Sæglópur is one such thing.

I love this song. It is my favorite song by Sigur Rós and that is a very powerful compliment.
I had never seen the video before today. It's great. The scene where the girl pulls the boy out of the water is one of the most beautifully filmed moments I have ever seen.

I have always had a fear of deep water. If I can see what is below me I am not frightened. It is when my feet are treading, kicking, and thrashing in a void of darkness below me that I feel uneasy. All of the movement and exertion that is required to keep my head above water is also summoning the unseen terrors that live in the darkest and coldest areas on earth. Anything could be down there. Size and power are not restricted. Deep water can feasibly house my most unreasonable and terrifying nightmares. Nightmares that I have had and have forced out of my surface memory - the secret denizens of my subconscious - live there.

I have heard that we know less about the deep waters of Earth than we do about the other planets of our solar system.

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